INTEGRATED ANIMAL HEALTH LLC Announces US $10m Series B Funding Round Strengthens its Executive team.

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Lawrence Kansas, April 20, 2016 – Integrated Animal Health (IAH) an early stage animal health company originally from Australia, who last year announced North and Latin American operations in the Animal Health Corridor, today announced a full transition of corporate administration from Australia to its Lawrence, KS based US headquarters.

As part of the move and to accelerate several of its drug, biologic and nutraceutical candidates, it has also announced that it is in due diligence with several private equity, venture capital, and family office parties for a $10m Series B funding round.

In announcing the Series B round, Dr. Hawley said, “We are taking a very conservative approach to growth and funding requirements, and have chosen several product candidates that have solid, peer reviewed clinical data. These include a ground-breaking vaccine technology, a pharmaceutical product that would be first in class, and a line of natural, nutritional products that offer to substantially add to our existing suite of products.”

New executive positions announced.

In a move to further strengthen its executive team Dr. Blake Hawley will become President and CEO of all global operations and the company’s founder Rob Neely will remain as Executive Director and become Chairman of the Board. The company has also appointed Mr. John Kallassy to the role of interim Chief Financial Officer. He will take on a consulting role to guide IAH through the due diligence process.

Mr. Kallassy was formerly with Jaguar Animal Health as their Chief Operating and Financial Officer during several capital raises including a Nasdaq IPO in May of 2015.He has held senior leadership roles in the fields of investment banking, human medical device, and database marketing.

IAH has taken several products to market in exceedingly short time frames compared to traditional animal health companies by conducting commercial proof of concept in Australia, and then test marketing in the Australia for both production animals and pets. Headquartered at the Bioscience & Technology Business Center just outside the Kansas University Campus, the company has strong and close ties to the university and plans to carry out its FDA CVM trials for its prescription products in the Midwest.

IAH has a strong belief that all products must fit into the existing workflow of the farmer, rancher or pet owner.  In fact, “It’s part of our DNA,” said Dr Hawley. “No matter how innovative the technology appears, if you can’t use it on the farm with ease we don’t want to struggle commercializing it. We look for breakthrough technologies that deliver results, both in the animal and for those who deliver it.”

Rob Neely commented, “We have really strong interest and are in due diligence with multiple US parties, two international firms and returning angel investors. As an innovative company with an ideal balance of new and developed products, I can understand why the investors are getting excited.”

IAH will use the capital to fund product testing, expand its world-class product design and research teams and grow its marketing and customer support capabilities internationally.


About Integrated Animal Health

Integrated Animal Health (IAH) provides multiple pathways to market for products that aim to disrupt current paradigms for the use of antibiotics, pesticides and novel animal drugs, biologics and cancer therapies used in animals. With world headquarters in the heart of the Animal Health Corridor, IAH is the new engine driving innovation in animal health by helping companies bring transformative solutions to market. Its technologies target significant and costly issues in production animal systems, such as mastitis, diarrhea and insect control to help companies satisfy consumer demand for sustainable, natural, antibiotic-free, and pesticide-free products while meeting the demand for growth. Offering a deep and fertile pipeline of more than 30 pioneering technology platforms, IAH is advancing its pipeline to include a wide range of applications, including products targeting equine and companion animal markets. The company has offices at the Bioscience and Technology Business Center in Lawrence, Kan., as well as in Australia, Europe and New Zealand. For more information, visit