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Weight gain, fly control and happier pigs.

Flies are much more than just nuisance… they spread diseases that affect piglets, sows and farrowing houses and these infections can spread to your workers. Additionally, flies dramatically decrease weight gain, also contributing to economic losses. Pesticides are costly, and application difficult and inconsistent.

The answer is Integrated Animal Health Repellion™for pigs.   Repellion™ solution is an all-natural feed inclusion product that makes control of these flies and biting insects as easy as feeding. When Repellion™ is fed as part of the ration, flies and other insects are naturally repelled, not only allowing pigs to feed freely, but also helping to reduce disease.

Of all the diseases in the sucking piglet, diarrhea is the most common and probably the most important. In some outbreaks it is responsible for high sickness and death. In a well run herd there should be less than 3% of litters at any one time requiring treatment and piglet mortality from diarrhea should be less than 0.5%. In severe outbreaks levels of mortality can rise to 7% or more and in individual untreated litters up to 100%.

There are many causes of diarrhea such as viruses, transmittable gastro-enteritis (TGE), rotavirus, porcine epidemic diarrhoea (PED) virus and PRRS virus plus the main bacterial causes E. coli and clostridia and the parasite is coccidia.  That’s why there’s Scour-Mate for piglet diarrhea.

Integrated Animal Health’s scour paste is effective regardless of the cause of infection of scours because it absorbs the toxins produced by pathogens – bacterial, viral or environmental. It contains a patented ingredient and comes in a patent-pending formulation that has been shown to adsorb toxins due to the infectious organisms that may cause scours. In fact, just a single tube has the adsorption surface area of 7 football fields. Use of our scour paste can avoid unnecessary use of antibiotics, dramatically decrease the duration and economic impact of scouring and help piglets recover naturally.

Our scour paste contains GRAS ingredients and can work in as little as 24-48 hours. NASAA Certified for organic farm use.

Information from our swine experts

Why can weaning be difficult for young pigs?

It can be tough for those little piglets because they need to cope with a quite a bit of change at one time.  Separation from the sow and a move from highly digestible milk to a less digestible and more complex solid feed hits them hard, but add into this a new environment, movement and separation from their littermates, and exposure to unfamiliar pigs. and you can quickly create an unhealthy situation.  It’s best to set a cadence of change in place to allow them adequate time to adjust when ever possible.

What can happen when a piglet is weaned?

During the first week or two of weaning, a pigs growth rate normally reduces in part to the changes in food and water intake.  You also need to remember, these little piglet’s immune and digestive systems are still maturing, which makes them more susceptible to both nutritional or microbial challenges.  These challenges can also cause a reduction in feed intake, further slowing their growth.  In the end, it’s important to plan for the weening and make the transition as stress free and clean as possible to ensure a happy healthy piglet.

How can the transition of piglets from milk to solid food be eased?

It’s quite a miracle how good hens are at incorporating what they eat into the developing egg.  Feed with ground flaxseed will produce eggs with a much higher level of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an important omega-3 fatty acid, while those fed algae meal will lay eggs with higher amounts of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), another very valuable omega-3 fatty acid.  The BackYard Farmer has a great article on feeding chickens for optimal health and production with a great list of 5 essential dietary ingredients

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