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Integrated Animal Health Announces Board Appointments

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Media Contact: Susan Wright, 1-913-213-6819, susan.wright@stephens-adv.com

Integrated Animal Health Announces Board Appointments

Walt George and Chuck Stephens to serve on board of directors

LAWRENCE, Kan., Nov. 29, 2016 Integrated Animal Health (IAH), LLC, a global company focused on identifying and commercializing new-to-the-world animal health solutions, today announced the board appointments of Walt George and Chuck Stephens.

Walt and Chuck will join IAH founding board members, Blake Hawley, D.V.M., M.B.A., president and chief executive officer, and Rob Neely, founder and executive chairman.

Walter N. George, M.B.A.

Walt George joins the IAH board after more than 35 years of consumer packaged goods experience, including the pet food industry. He founded G3consulting LLC, a Fairway, Kan., business advisory practice specializing in strategic value creation for small and mid-market companies.

Previously, he served as president of the American Italian Pasta Company, North America’s largest producer of dry pastas. He also held a number of leadership and executive positions with Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

Among other corporate and non-profit board experience, Walt currently serves on the board of directors of Freshpet, Inc.

(FRPT: NASDAQ), and is chairman of the board of trustees for the Morris Animal Foundation, the world’s largest provider of private research funding for scientific advancements to improve the health of companion animals, equine and wildlife.

Chuck Stephens

Chuck Stephens is founder, president and chief executive officer of Stephens & Associates Advertising, based in Overland Park, Kan. Founded in 1980, Stephens & Associates is a branding company focused on building brands that improve the lives of animals.

Chuck was one of the founders of Banfield, the first network of pet hospitals. He also resides on numerous boards, including Hannah The Pet Society, the first and only all-inclusive pet care company.

Chuck has been recognized as “Marketer of the Year” by the Business Marketing Association and “Distinguished

Alumnus” by Kansas State University. His commitment to the animal health industry started on his family’s 1,500-acre dairy farm just outside of Kansas City.

“Both Walt and Chuck bring passion, deep industry insights and knowledge, and a powerful network to our board that will be instrumental to our continued growth and success,” says Dr. Hawley. “The next year holds tremendous promise for IAH, and we will leverage the strengths of our growing board of directors to help support a rapid trajectory of ground-breaking opportunities in animal health.”


About Integrated Animal Health

Integrated Animal Health (IAH) focuses on innovation that matters. With world headquarters in the heart of the Animal Health Corridor, IAH is driving innovation in animal health by helping individuals’ and institutions’ ideas and technologies become transformative solutions for the market. Its technologies target significant and costly issues in production animal systems, such as mastitis, scours and fly control to help companies satisfy consumer demand for sustainable, natural and antibiotic-free products; and companion pet products that help provide these fluffy family members with life-saving therapies and foods. Offering a deep and fertile pipeline of more than 30 pioneering technology platforms, IAH seeks the best licensing and distribution partners globally. The company has offices at the Bioscience and Technology Business Center in Lawrence, Kan., as well as in Australia, Europe and New Zealand. For more information, visit iahglobal.com.


Integrated Animal Health Initiates Multiple US Trials and Announces Key Appointment

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Contact: Dr Blake Hawley: 785-260-1094

Lawrence, Kan., 9 Aug, 2016 – Integrated Animal Health (IAH), a global company focused on identifying and commercializing new-to-the-world animal health solutions, announced initiation of six separate research trials.

It is also announcing today that Dr Tom Hemling, formerly Global Head of R&D at De Laval, has joined the company as its Director of Research on a consulting basis. Dr Hemling is one of the world’s foremost experts on dairy and has dozens of papers to his credit on a wide variety of dairy related issues.

Dr Blake Hawley, IAH President and CEO, said, “We are very pleased to have Tom join us. His wealth of knowledge and experience is a phenomenal asset for us, and his global contacts are, arguably, unparalleled in the dairy industry. I have known Tom for quite some time now and he is a tremendous at helping IAH evaluate new technologies, intellectual property and patent strength.”

Dr Hemling commented, “I have spent the past 24 years working on innovation in prevention of disease in food producing animals. With the current increased pressure to reduce the use of antibiotics in animals, the need for novel approaches to maintain animal welfare is even greater. Innovations will likely occur in better preventative products and methods, improved nutritional management, and both innate and adaptive immune stimulation. These approaches will help lessen the demand for antibiotics, and help meet consumer demands for more organic food production. Integrated Animal Health is focusing on developing these technologies and delivering the data packages to bring these to market. I am happy to help the IAH team find and develop these transformative, novel technologies.”

In other news, IAH is now progressing multiple trials with multiple species and partners.


Product/Technology Species Indication
Scour-Mate™ Calves Acute Diarrhea
Scour-Mate™ + Repellion™ Dairy Calves Fly & Scour Prevention
Crave-It™ Foods w/Repellion™ Deer Tick &Fly Prevention
Medicated Food Dogs Ectoparasiticides
Repellion™ Hogs Wt Gain/Fly Prevention
IAH-530 Cattle Bovine Respiratory Disease


“We are excited to accelerate some of our top product candidates through these trials. We are developing solid, field and clinical data to demonstrate efficacy. Developing these ground-breaking technologies including a line of natural, nutritional products, will substantially add to our existing suite of products,” said Dr. Blake Hawley.

IAH has taken five products to market in very short periods compared to traditional animal health companies by conducting early commercial proof of concept studies. Headquartered at the Bioscience & Technology Business Center outside the Kansas University Campus in Lawrence, Kan., the company has strong ties to the Animal Health Corridor and plans to perform its FDA CVM trials for its prescription products in the Midwest.

IAH has a corporate mission that all products must fit into the existing workflow of farmer and ranchers or meet the lifestyle demands of pet owners.

“No matter how innovative the technology appears, if you can’t use it on the farm with ease, we don’t want to struggle commercializing it. We look for breakthrough technologies that deliver results, both in the animal and for those who deliver it,” Dr. Hawley said.

About Integrated Animal Health

Integrated Animal Health (IAH) provides multiple pathways to market for products that aim to disrupt current paradigms for the use of antibiotics, pesticides and novel animal drugs, biologics and cancer therapies used in animals. With world headquarters in the heart of the Animal Health Corridor, IAH is the new engine driving innovation in animal health by helping companies bring transformative solutions to market. Its technologies target significant and costly issues in production animal systems, such as mastitis, diarrhea and insect control to help companies satisfy consumer demand for sustainable, natural, antibiotic-free, and pesticide-free products while meeting the demand for growth. Offering a deep and fertile pipeline of more than 30 pioneering technology platforms, IAH is advancing its pipeline to include a wide range of applications, including products targeting equine and companion animal markets. The company has offices in the US, Australia, Europe and New Zealand. For more information, visit IAHglobal.com.


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INTEGRATED ANIMAL HEALTH LLC Announces US $10m Series B Funding Round Strengthens its Executive team.

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Lawrence Kansas, April 20, 2016 – Integrated Animal Health (IAH) an early stage animal health company originally from Australia, who last year announced North and Latin American operations in the Animal Health Corridor, today announced a full transition of corporate administration from Australia to its Lawrence, KS based US headquarters.

As part of the move and to accelerate several of its drug, biologic and nutraceutical candidates, it has also announced that it is in due diligence with several private equity, venture capital, and family office parties for a $10m Series B funding round.

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Pipeline Selects Dr. Blake Hawley for its Tenth Anniversary Class of Entrepreneurial Fellows

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Blake Hawley, D.V.M, M.B.A., of Lawrence, Kansas-based Integrated Animal Health was chosen to participate in a nationally recognized year-long Fellowship designed to accelerate the growth of high-performance entrepreneurs.

LAWRENCE, Kan., Jan. 26, 2016 — The Pipeline Entrepreneurial Fellowship program has announced that Blake Hawley, D.V.M., M.B.A., president and chief executive officer of Integrated Animal Health, LLC (IAH), Lawrence, Kan., will join the 2016 Class of Entrepreneurial Fellows.

Pipeline is an exclusive community of high-potential entrepreneurial leaders building high-growth companies throughout the Midwest Region. Each year, approximately a dozen new Fellows representing the Region’s top entrepreneurial companies are invited to join Pipeline after an extensive selection process.

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Integrated Animal Health Initiates Proof of Concept Trials for First-in-Kind Oral Fly Repellent for Beef Cattle

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All-natural technology could also be destined for dogs and cats

LAWRENCE, Kan., Dec. 1, 2015 – Integrated Animal Health, LLC (IAH), a global company focused on identifying and commercializing new-to-the-world animal health solutions, is about to commence two well-controlled feedlot trials in Northern Australia for its all-natural oral fly repellent, Repellion.™ IAH also plans studies in 2016 with beef and dairy cattle at Kansas State University.

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According to Dr Pedro Caramona, the above-average temperatures and soil moisture deficits in certain parts of Europe have sparked concern for toxic molds and mycotoxin issues for this year’s European crop harvests.

Dr Caramona is a member of Alltech’s mycotoxin management team based at the company’s headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky.

In a seasonal crop update published by Alltech, Dr Caramona stressed mycotoxins, often one of the most neglected considerations in ruminant diets, should be a major animal health and welfare concern in modern animal husbandry.

“Across parts of southern Spain, eastern France and southern Germany, summer crops have been impacted by very high temperatures this year,” said Dr Caramona.

“Soil moisture is already critically low in parts of these regions. Farmers and producers need to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to mycotoxins. Sample your silage and know what your risk is to implement proper management practices. If left unchecked and uncontrolled, contamination even at low levels will cause rumen issues in dairy cows, resulting in the loss of production.”

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