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Performance athletes deserve performance nutritional solutions from Integrated Animal Health


Imagine a stress-free, easy answer to reduce fly, midge, tick and mosquito nuisance for your horse.

Nobody likes to see their horse plagued by flies in the summer, when grazing or when working and competing. While biting flies can cause serious discomfort, all flies are a nuisance for both horse and rider.

Repellion™ for horses is based on the first ever feed supplement designed to reduce fly nuisance, originally developed in the UK and never available outside before now. When consumed, Repellion™ works naturally through your horse’s system to create an invisible shield-like effect on the entire body, providing 24-hour comfort from fly and midge nuisance, seven days a week. Repellion™ granules are dust free and can safely be added to any combination of feed or supplements. Using granules allows you to accurately control the feeding rate to suit the individual horse.

Key benefits of Repellion™:

  • Our unique, herbal fly dispersant combines 15 different herbs and spices which when consumed exude an aroma through the pores in the skin to deter biting flies and midges. It contains no banned substances for performance horses.
  • Methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM), a source of bio-available sulphur, supports the strength and health of the skin
  • Our unique and proprietary herbs put traditional herbs back into the modern horse’s diet.
  • Essential trace elements, including zinc to support healthy skin and coat.

For Showing and Pleasure Horses; Integrated Animal Health has you covered.

Our equine diets provide targeted nutrition for show and pleasure horses.  With the perfect blend of Vitamins A, D, E, selenium, and optimum calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, manganese and iodine levels – it’s the ideal feed to ensure your horse performs their best.

Our strive to provide the very best nutrition to horses by through superior nutrition and innovative ingredients. Shiner Coats, Healthier Hooves, Improved Performance & Attitudes – powered by Integrated Animal Heath

See what a difference top notch nutrition can make.

Horse Supplements


Obla Max is a 3 day pre-race supplement specially formulated with Vitamin E, B group vitamins and iron.  Specially designed for immediate red blood cell formation and production, ensuring maximum oxygen delivery to muscles and increasing the potential of VO2 max


EIPH x Max is a 60ml Daily B group vitamin, iron, copper, cobalt ,and vitamin E Supplement developed to drive red blood cell formation and production. EIPH x Max was developed to combat the effects of racing on the organs.


GPX Max is the first supplement to increase GPX activity in horses, by using the worlds best and most expensive organic selenium yeast.  Selenium plays a vital role in the maintenance of membrane activity, growth, reproduction, immune response and is essential for hoof health.

Phytate X Max

Phytates once bound to these minerals in the horses gut are less available for absorption and use by the horse’s body, in part defeating the purpose of feeding grains for increased performance.

Phytates lead to trace element deficiencies which are known to slow metabolism and hinder performance. Adding Phytate X Max™ blocks this effect thus increasing the bioavailability of the nutrients from the grains and hay as fed.

Sunshine D 3 Max

It typically takes 5 to 8 hours of exposure to ultraviolet light for horses to produce enough vitamin D. This increased time is due to many barriers including hair, blankets, fly sprays, coat conditioners, and reduced body oils and or being stabled continuously. Sunshine D3 Max will increase your horse’s thriftiness, stimulate appetite and aid in the speed up muscle action. Along with D3 we have formulated this supplement with Calcium, Biotin and Beta Carotene and which creates a vitamin supplement for healthy, strong bones and hooves in horses for horses that are deprived of daily sunlight.

Tocopheryl Max

Vitamin E supplementation is important for horses that experience tie-up and muscular problems. Tocopheryl Max is an antioxidant that neutralizes tissue-damaging free radicals and extends the life of Red Blood Cells. It also maximizes cellular protection and has been suggested to be helpful in the treatment of Wobblers’ syndrome.


Weight Lifter Calm

Weight Lifter Calm is an organic and natural fresh ingredients feed with key minerals and vitamins.   Weight Lifter Calm is a balanced horse conditioner with the needed goodness to keep all types of horses in peak condition while maintaining calmness.  For improved top line, muscle tone and a glossy coat for horses in light to medium work.

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Happy Hooves

Happy Hooves is a blend of ingredients high in fermentable fibers specifically formulated for horses with laminitis problems, Cushings Syndromes and horses that cannot tolerate high levels of sugar/ starch in their diet.  Formulated with chelated minerals including zinc and copper as well as vitamins such as Biotin and Vitamin E, Happy Hooves is a key component to your horse’s recovery program.

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Information from our Equine Experts

Is pasture alone enough to the nutrition my horses need?

For your performance athlete, it’s critical to deliver a precise blend of vitamins, minerals and energy.  There may be times when the pasture is will, at a minimum, maintain your horses in good body condition but without a supplemental diet, there will still be nutrient deficiencies.  For peak performance and health, look for a feed that will supply a good balance balance of protein, vitamins and minerals to complement pasture.

Do by-products really add nutritional value to horse feeds?

Yes, but like everything, this varies ingredient to ingredient.  Many by-products contain nutrient levels or attributes that make them better feed ingredients for horses because they are chosen for a unique property or benefit they contribute to the overall health of your horse. Integrated Animal Health feeds are all hand blended and meet very strict, high-quality standards for palatability, consistency and ingredients so your horses get the very best!

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