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Integrated Animal Health is a leader in feed inclusion technology to maximize production in your dairy operation


Our newly formulated dairy feed inclusion and supplements provide a multi-level herd health approach. Our dairy feed inclusion and supplements have the ability to selectively enhance the absorption and metabolization of critical antioxidants Vitamin E, Selenium & β-Carotene through novel, natural technologies. Certified for organic use.

Do you know the cause of your calves’ dirarhea?
If you’re like most farmers, you do not. But we have a solution.

Scour-Mate – All natural paste that assists in supporting gut health for calves by adsorbing toxins regardless of pathogen

Scours (neonatal diarrhea) is the most commonly reported disease in neonatal calves and a major cause of reduced productivity and economic loss to cattle producers worldwide. The USDA estimates that in the US, between 4 and 25% of all calves will die from scours each year. [1]

Scours is the single most important cause of morbidity and mortality in milk-fed calves. Often there is no one single cause, and farmers rarely identify the agent(s) in time.  When calves do survive, many times they fail to thrive and are “poor doers” resulting in further economic loss.

Their future potential productivity is likely to be significantly decreased. Only 25% of these calves reaching adulthood continue to be productive past their first lactation.[1] Up until now, the multifactorial causes of calf scours has made this disease hard to effectively control in dairy cow-calf operations.


The IAH answer is Scour-Mate.

Integrated Animal Health’s scour paste is effective regardless of the cause of infection of scours because it absorbs the toxins produced by pathogens – bacterial, viral or environmental. It contains a patented ingredient and comes in a patent-pending formulation that has been shown to adsorb toxins due to the infectious organisms that may cause scours. In fact, just a single tube has the adsorption surface area of 7 football fields. Use of our scour paste can avoid unnecessary use of antibiotics, dramatically decrease the duration and economic impact of scouring and help calves recover naturally.

Our scour paste contains GRAS ingredients and can work in as little as 24-48 hours. NASAA Certified for organic farm use.

The purity of this ingredient makes it unique with very low levels of heavy metals, dioxin or other naturally occurring impurities of most minerals. Products which have made claims in the animal health market contained up to 20 parts per million (PPM) of arsenic, but the IAH product has an arsenic level of less than 4 parts per Billion (PPB).

Imagine the ability to eliminate antibiotics with mastitis…

We’re nearly there. Research showed a 50% drop in antibiotics and a 33% average drop in somatic cell count when dairy cattle TMR included Udder-Mate brand supplement.

Choose from our diverse range of dairy feed inclusion and supplement technology to start milking your cows for all they’re worth…

Mastitis is the most prevalent production related disease in dairy cattle world-wide.

Vitamin E with Selenium and β-Carotene are proven, powerful antioxidants to benefit dairy cattle’s overall health and well being, but our Udder-Mate product boosts these antioxidant powerhouses by super-charging the immune system naturally.

Our dairy feed inclusion and supplements provide a multi-level herd health approach. Mirroring the body’s natural way of storing and transporting Vitamin E, our feed inclusion technology enhances absorption and metabolism of critical nutrients.

Our dairy feed inclusion and supplements are all natural. So unlike antibiotics, there is a no withhold period providing you with maximum use of your herd.

The dairy feed inclusion and supplement technology line currently consists of 3 supplements and 5 delivery options for use in the dairy industry. Our product line seeks to address every dairy farmer’s needs.

Udder-Mate 100

The amounts of Vitamin E and β-carotene included in the feed inclusion 100 formula is designed to combat the mitigation of Mastitis and increase overall herd production. The 100 formula is supplied in bags of ready made pellets or bags of our highly purified powder for use in your own totally mixed ration (TMR) feed inclusion.
Udder-Mate 25+Se

Our 25+Se introduces Selenium into the feed inclusion formula to address fertility issues as well as assist in mitigating mastitis and overall herd production. The 25+Se formula is supplied in bags of ready made pellets or bags of our highly purified powder for use in your own totally mixed ration (TMR) feed inclusion.

Udder-Mate Drench 500+

If you have cows that have not responded to your normal treatments, our 30 day 500+ formula drench program may save you culling some of your best cows. Decrease antibiotic use on your farm today with a natural boost in vitamin and mineral delivery for improved immune response. 500+ is supplied in a pleasant tasting organic olive oil based drench.

Information from our Dairy Experts

How can I optimize my nutrition program so my cows produce more milk?

The best way to drive milk production is to apply technology to your ration. Through the use of an inclusion like UdderMate®, you can deliver the needed vitamins and minerals to the entire herd or individual animals as needed. This is valuable nutrition is instrumental in driving production, milk and as important, keeping your herd healthy. The result is potential for more milk in the first 30 days of lactation and translates into more milk for the entire lactation.

What is the best way to deliver the best nutrition to my herd?

It depends on the need of the herd or if you want to target specific animals. Using a product like UdderMate, you have the opportunity to get the formulation 7 different ways. Oral drench is useful when you need to provide a vitamin and mineral boost with immediate immune response for a select group of animals. Feed inclusion is for overall herd health when you need to deliver a vitamin and mineral supplement across your entire operation. There are also solutions for pellets, loose lick or premium pressed dry block to ensure your herd gets the nutrition they need.

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