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Imagine not having to wear a hazmat suit when treating for flies, ticks and biting insects

Introducing Repellion for cattle – All natural feed inclusion product to decrease fly burden and pests on cattle.

Flies are much more than just nuisance… National economic losses due to flies is estimated at $2.2 billion in the US alone!i Flies spread diseases such as pink-eye and diseases that can also be transmitted to people. Additionally, flies dramatically decrease weight gain in the feedlot, also contributing to economic losses. Pesticides are costly, and application difficult and inconsistent. Effective Horn Fly control alone can result in an additional 15-30 pounds weight gain per calf over the summer months. Also important in lactating cows, effective Horn Fly control can reduce weight loss…ii

The IAH answer is Integrated Animal Health Repellion™. Repellion™ solution is an all-natural feed inclusion product that makes control of these pests as easy as feeding. When Repellion™ is fed as part of a total mixed ration, flies and ticks are repelled, not only allowing cattle to graze or feed freely, but also helping to reduce disease. With a unique source of minerals, trace elements, vitamins including zinc, herbs and essential oils, Repellion is an all-natural feed inclusion formulated to support the overall wellbeing of your herd and promote a healthy skin and coat.

Repellion can be fed as top-dress granules, an intensely palatable kibble, or mixed as a liquid or powder in TMR feeds. A block solution is underway.

IAH is working to have the technology mixed into molasses for use in open paddocks and other applications to meet the needs of farmers with a variety of management and containment practices globally.

Under Development – A novel treatment for bovine respiratory disease unlike any other

Information from our beef experts

Do my cows need different minerals during calving season?

Yes, minerals are very important to ensure you have a problem free calving season and ensure the the initiation of reproduction after calving.  The calving season is one of the most important times for your herd when it comes to delivering the right nutrition, including a good blend of minerals.  A well designed mineral program will help the start of estrus cycles prior to the breeding season.

How much feed should I provide my cows during calving season?

This is a great question, but unfortunately is a tough one to answer! This is dependent on each cow’s body condition and forage quality. Remember, each cow’s nutrient requirements are going to double soon after calving.  You will need to have a feeding program designed to meet this increased demand so your cows do not lose condition. Remember that cows need to rebreed around 90 days after calving in order to maintain a yearly calving cycle. In order to rebreed the cows will need to have a body condition score of 5 or 6.

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iiBeef Cattle Ectoparasites

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