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Innovation that matters

Integrated Animal Health is a new breed of animal health company. We deliver innovation that matters.

The products we develop target major economic losses in livestock and troubling issues for pet owners. If you are interested in licensing any of our products or distribution outside the US, please contact us.

Production Animal Brands

Designed for neonatal diarrhea of unknown origin. Patented ingredient, patent-pending formulation.

Provide a natural shield against flies, ticks and biting insects.  All natural feed additive.

Control mycotoxins directly during harvest, storage or prior to feeding.

Newly formulated mastitis mitigation feed product

Horse Brands

Formulated specifically for horses as a daily top dress

Performance athletes deserve performance nutritional solutions

Australian’s premium horse feed now available for licensing

Pet Brands

It’s a Sunday night and the vet’s office is closed. Suddenly, your dog or cat develops a raging case of garbage gut! What do you do? Introducing Coalescence.

Patented and proven to help pets with diarrhea.

Food as Medicine: the first truly medicated food; multiple patents

Nourishables: All natural, delicious treats pets crave and owners need
1. Garbage Gut
2. Skin & Coat
3. Arthritis & joint)
4. Pest control
5. Life Force