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From the Paddock to the Plate

Gathering the brightest minds to build
an animal health community that loves animals.

Farming is hard. Conditions are never perfect.

That's why there's Integrated Animal Health


Integrated Animal Health (IAH) is a new breed of animal health company.  We focus on innovation that matters.

We innovate quickly and inexpensively.  We create value by identifying novel technologies, then de-risking & commercializing these products in big markets with unmet needs. Our farm animal & pet products range from nutraceuticals to pharmaceuticals, functional pet treats, to biologics.

To become the new innovation engine for animal health and food/feed safety.

What if we could help eliminate the need for antibiotics & chemicals in the food chain?  What if we could help farmers & ranchers meet increasing worldwide protein demand naturally?

We’re working on it.

Dogs and cats are much more than pets.  They are part of our family.  They are the sunshine on the dreariest of days.  They are our loyal companions.  We’re working hard on developing products that help sustain them, lengthen their lives and

give back to them as they have given to us.

Animals Are Our Passion

Integrated Animal Health provides disruptive solutions for animal health, feeding and care.

We do this through a 3 stage process:

Identify Technologies

We identify early stage technologies by leveraging early stage human technologies or through the identification of unique and innovative animal health and feeding technologies developed by entrepreneurs, scientists, and early stage innovators;

Transform Ideas

With experts on staff and key contacts in manufacturing, patent, trademark, marketing and global distribution, Integrated Animal health transforms these ideas and technologies into a fully commercializable product we can then scale to the market.


We then license these products to animal health and food companies globally, or place them into distribution.  With top tier business and manufacturing connections throughout the world, Integrated Animal Health is the premier partner to bring innovative animal health products to life!